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The following comments are some of the feedback from our customers.....................................

Thanks for the prompt service.  I was absolutely shocked to see my
shipment confirmation at 1:30 in the morning!  That's amazing!  Those
CocoBolo Grips are the most beautiful wood grips I've ever seen.  They
will be the perfect compliment to my matching Springfield Armory 3.5"
barrel, parkerized Ultra Compact 1911s (the pride of my collection).



Cameron Romero

Pittsburgh, PA


I recently placed an order for 1911 grips. They arrived much sooner than expected and are of superior quality to almost any grips that I have purchased recently.  You should note that ALL of my handguns carry wood, stag, or ivory grips, except those few that cannot be fitted with aftermarket grips. I detest plastic/rubber grips. Please, start making S&W revolver grips. I'd love to try yours. (I own grips by Hogue, Eagle, Ajax, Lett, and others. I know what I'm talking about).

Thanks for being there.
Jim McAneny
Cumberland, PA

Howdy folks,

Just wanted to send you a quick comment about the Ultra Thin 1911 Traditional Officer's grips that I ordered from you.  I am extremely pleased, both with the quality of the product and with the quality of the service that I received from your company.  I think I spoke with you on Friday.  You were able to cross reference
the correct part with my particular pistol (a Colt Defender).  I received the grips in the mail today.  Very fast!  It took all of 2 minutes to install them.  They really look nice. Thank you very much.  I shall be happy to recommend you to all of my
shooting buddies.


Gordon Tillman

Humble, TX

I just received my set of Hi Power grips from your company.  They were well
worth the wait.  They fit very well and felt great in the hand.  I have a
fairly large hand and the hi cap grip was easy to hold with the factory
plastic stocks, but the new thinner wood pieces were excellent.  I look
forward to going to the range to see how they feel in some target drills.
Again, I am exceptionally pleased with your product.

Ed Kaleskas

Vacaville, CA


Got the grips today. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

Exactly what I've been looking for, almost makes me want to buy another gun
so I can get another pair.

Thanks for your attention to detail in picking this set out.  

 Scott Walker

 Collierville, TN

Received a set of 1911 grips today. Beautiful and fit good.

 thank you,

Jim Spano

Bullseye Firearms Training

Medford, OR


I purchased a pair of your Ultra Thin 1911 grips and really like them...they are great.

Reagan Russey

Anchorage, AK

Thank you very much. I appreciate all of your help.  I love the grips , they were perfect

Tony Middleton

Norman, OK




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